Video!! Small Business Venture

Small Business Opportunities are everywhere! But this business venture takes the cake!

Gurus say that business success is about taking an opportunity whenever it arises.  You just have to keep your wits about you. Yes, you`ve heard that to, but this business service, in the outdoors is so weird. Yet it`s so useful!

What`s the lesson here for you and for me?  Be alert!  $$ are to be made almost anywhere.

>>>   Just see how this “long bridge created one alert guy a new small business”!!



Inside Edition`s story begins here …

Gephyrophobia is the weird word used to describe a fear of bridges. You might think that it’s just a simple fear of heights, but it’s actually way more complicated. Psychologists who have researched this phobia have come to the conclusion that it’s more about the lack of control and other factors, stimulating anxiety and panic than it is just being up in the air.

Read on …. It`s great to be able to share this with you. Enjoy.  Thanks WIMP!

The full text on this very creative small business venture can be seen here.

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