Review: Video System To Sell More Online Will Definitely Assist

Are you ready to increase your sales and boost your productivity… then this video system will definitely assist to sell more online.

Here is a system, a tool that enables you to simplify your selling!

Using the tool is the fastest way to increase sales conversion, it lets you put the entire sales
process inside a video. (first time ever).


“Video Payflow” – a Video System To Sell More Online.

  1. The customer (your customer) can go through the entire sales process, without ever leaving
    the video.
  2. You will see some incredible automation that is built into this system, including product
  3. Your customers complete their checkout without leaving your video.
  4. A thank you video will play automatically after payment is made.


What does this change for you?
1.  Radically reduces workload and time for setting up an offer.
2. Enables you to convert a simple sales offer, to a sales machine.


Experience ‘Playflow’ Video System to sell more online?  (Huge benefits)!

  •  You can set up video sales offers on your website
  • in lightning-fast record time.
  • Setting up an offer can be a pleasant and simple process.


Normally… using PayPal as an example.

  1. Customer clicks But Now Button.
  2. The customer waits to be redirected to the checkout page.
  3. The customer fills out personal details.
  4. Customer reviews order.
  5. Customer clicks to continue to PayPal.
  6. Customer logs into PayPal.
  7. Customer reviews payment details (in PP).
  8. Customer clicks to confirm payment.
  9. etc etc


More benefits…

– Integrated product delivery
– Automatic PayPal integration
– Sales are stored in your database
– Customers are saved into your back-office

And “Payflow” can be placed anywhere on your site.
You can manage all your Payflows from an online location, and more…

The best way to show you exactly how this works and to Sell More Online – is to watch now >> Click Here To access the Video System To Sell More Online

“Payflow” is a new tool, and for a time, there is a special incentive of about 90% off (limited).

You absolutely owe it to yourself to see this tool. It is going to be a massive time-saver, while at the same time making it so much easier for your customer to buy.

Watch the information video here!



Rob Ryan, Small Business Chronicles

P. S. If you don’t know Matthew McDonald, he is the guy that
created this software tool, and the person who is going to show
the tool in action.

P.S. I am an affiliate of this product.

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