Hi, I’m Rob Ryan and I`m the owner of ‘Small Business Chronicles’.

The lives of small business entrepreneurs are crazy hard, exhaustive, challenging, creative, satisfying, and mostly fun! … owners set their working hours, are answerable to themselves, and have the opportunity to fit their work around their lives.

Takeaway:  Business success is about making consistent sales every day.  BUT is that what you experience?


We offer you a “3 step client getting marketing system” to attract a consistent flow of clients to your local business.


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What do we do?     Our online digital marketing service is designed for local, online, offline businesses, start-ups and in businesses in need of renewal.

What frames our 3 step marketing business system?

  1. Start with the end in mind. Know who you want to attract to your business.
  2. Learn about, and know the value of a simple, systematized, consistent marketing action.
  3. Each business needs a medium to long-term plan – minimum of 3 months target setting.
  4. Implementation of the marketing plan in front of mind at all times.

Your own business no doubt lists the following objectives…

  • To Offer top line Products and Services to your buyers
  • To Grow your Customer and Client base on an exponential basis.
  • To have greater Brand recognition.
  • To have increased profit from a business that operates on simple, well-honed systems.

Small Business Chronicles Digital Marketing Services may be a good fit for you and your business?

    • We work with one person, small and medium-sized businesses.
    • We work with contractors – electricians, plumbers, building and home renovators.
    • We work with business owners who have little time to spend on meaningful marketing.



Our business plan is simple.   The bottom line is more buyer traffic to each business and more sales?

3 step defined as…

  1. Google is where potential customers and clients go to find you?  Our system lifts your rankings on Google. Rankings go from nowhere to top of the page for relevant searched keywords in as little as a few days.
  2. We work with you over three months to maintain improved rankings for each of your services and products and in each of the locations where your business operates.
  3. Referral Marketing is critical in bringing new people to buy your products and services!  You would likely agree that word of mouth is the very best form of marketing.  When people talk about you and your business, that introduction is just the best marketing strategy. You will get our “new cutting-edge” personalized digital business card”.  The “Associate Card” will be released mid-November 2018. (see below)


Your Website is your digital identity. An audit may suggest needed improvements, so you have quality online recognition. You need to keep eyeballs glued to and interested in your products and services. We may suggest changes.

Your stature on Social media will be enhanced by our systems and help drive buyers to your website.


When customers find your service on Google, on your website, on your Facebook Business page, they`re feeling white hot ready to buy! You need to engage asap. We recommend you have installed a “bot with your business associated messages”. Capture people immediately. It`s critical that you respond to their inquiries immediately. (Installing Bots for business will be available as a service mid-November, 2018)



  • Are we a good fit for you?
  • Are you a good fit for us?
  • Is your business able to manage more customers?
  • Connect with us here m.me/robstoptier


More Information:

Email: ryan@smallbusinesschronicles.com

Ph:Text:  (61) 0403 365 370

Message:  m.me/robstoptier


PS:  Hot off the Press!  “Associate Card” due for release in the last week in November

Qu: What is it? What does it do? Why you must have it?

  1. ‘Associate’ broadens social, community and commercial engagements.
  2. ‘Associate’ hands out your business card or flyer, not just by you, but for you 24/7.
  3. ‘Associate’ is designed to deliver customers to your business without you lifting a finger.
  4. And a whole lot more… this is only a taste!


Brief History of Rob Ryan and why are we in the business of Digital Marketing Services.

I`ve been a small business owner for nearly 9 years, crazy hey, how quickly time goes so very fast!  Initially, I established a Coaching Business.

I trained with David Rock, a Leadership Coach, teacher and public speaker who was creating waves with his brain-based thinking. David advises corporations around the world. Today he leads the coaching industry with his ‘Neuroleadership Institute’.

My Takeaway:  Great training as a Coach. Coached people achieve 75% greater.


Bumps in the road of how to market my business!

But, after a successful career as a teacher and Principal of Primary schools, I quickly realized I was a novice at marketing.

And I started to drown!  Over the years since,  I`ve read lots of great books about marketing, enrolled in many business and marketing courses and paid out lots of money.

Marketing ideas were literally filling my head!  Yet, I lacked clarity!  I realized I was a victim of ‘the shiny object syndrome’.

My Takeaway: After a very successful career in Education, the transition to business was more difficult than I imagined. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know!

Biggest Takeaway:

If I can help businesses by providing them with a service which really assists them to solve one of their biggest problems, that of getting lots more buyers, then that would be a really worthwhile business.

Our Other Products:

We are an independent operator with “The Online Alliance” – a Unique Business Education Company.  This is great learning in all aspects of business and is offering a wide range of learning.
  • Whether you are new to the business or are in need of renewal education-
  • We can assist you to develop and grow your own unique, independent business. 
  • We can introduce you to start-up programs, programs where you build alliances with other like-minded business people. Programs to enhance your ongoing learning.
  • Free access to “The Online Alliance”  is here   http://bit.ly/JoinTheOnlineAllianceForFree
The other is an Affiliate program we offer “SupaClix”…. Access here  “SupaClix”
Contact me here    m.me/robstoptier

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Rob Ryan lives in South Australia, just outside of the capital, Adelaide. Interests include Personal growth – mind matters, physical, spiritual, doing meditation. Improving knowledge about Life and Business practices. And I follow the mighty Adelaide Crows.


Ph| +1 61 403 365 370 (call after 4.30 pm EST from the USA)

E: rob@yesyoucancoaching.com.au


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61 403 365 370

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QU: Where is the richest place in the world?

Answer: It’s in the graveyard of the unfulfilled dreams of the world! (including mine … and yours?).

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