What Are The Personal Goal Setting Questions You Must Ask?

Did You Fall under The Biggest Trap of goal setting that most people do? …. Setting goals is a terrific thing to do ….. All you need to do is set a goal and now your life is on easy street! …. But it does not work that way! …. So what are the personal goal setting questions you must ask?

Why have a goal? How? Where? When? And …. Let`s consider goal setting theory and make it a friendly and VERY useful thing to do.


Wait a minute, I thought goal setting is all the rage? All I need to do is set an objective, everything becomes clear and all my next steps quickly appear!

Consider this exercise very carefully so you cover everything you want when doing this life changing exercise!  Exactly ‘what are the personal goal setting questions I must ask myself’.


It`s not simply a cake walk when you go after your life objectives!

There can be many challenges! There is a huge variety of issues. They can be physical, mental, spiritual, financial and more and they vary from individual to individual and from goal to goal.

Action: Just be fully aware!

You need clearly stated, written targets.  If you have little clarity as to what your targets are, how can you  know if you hit them?

Action: Write targets down clearly – descriptions and images!

How do you start a plan and have a means to get there?  Of course you must have a Strategy – an Action packed System will be your key to success!


Warning … You are doomed if you stay in a dream state where you never ever take specific action towards your target.

Have great clarity about your terrific objectives and in-depth strategies ….  then you must create a system to examine if your strategy is working or if you are even following your strategy!

And you must decide what you need to do to keep your personal goal setting questions, plans, strategies and systems front of mind?

Action: Write it all down! Keep the plan where you`ll see it always!

As soon as you start on your strategy, you will discover new details that you didn’t know previously and your strategy will need to be updated.

Action: Write it down! Amend the original.

The final significant matter to consider is having an outside means of accountability. Something that checks up on you to validate you are making progress towards your objective.

What could that be?   Remember this is always about WHY? etc…

Action: Do it … ! 

Now you have considered the basic very important Settings. Great!

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Now that you`ve considered these critically important personal goal setting ‘survival’ questions.

Ask this of yourself –

  • Will it break down?
  • What are the biggest personal traps awaiting me? (Your experiences will tell you where you haven`t been successful before).
  • How will you ensure you follow through on all your crucial steps?
  • Are you keeping a written record, daily? every other day? at the end of the week?

Fortunately, once you set up your system, you can use it for all of your goals actions!

  • Your system must regularly advise you exactly what your target/goal is.
  • Objectives will be  abandoned if actions are delayed!
  • Your time will have been squandered.
  • Your system needs to track your progress – enabling you to make course corrections. It ensures you reach your objectives.
  • Success through actions provides motivation by revealing to you all the progress you are making.

Your system needs an OUTSIDE method of responsibility! …. An expert – an objective friend you can talk with and share your personal goal setting questions/program with!

Action: Don`t forget this, it`s crucial to your success!

questions to ask about personal goal setting


This mentoring/talking to a trusted friend is something that

  1. locks you into making sure you have a clear target
  2. ensures you are following your strategy,
  3. ensures you are tracking your progress,
  4. ensures you are making the required course corrections.


Having Your ‘action taking system’ will guarantee you will follow through, no matter the objective, no matter the challenges!



Question: Now that we understand the significant areas where personal goal setting could break down …. what is the single greatest trap in failing at setting goals ?

Answer: The single greatest trap is not having a ‘specific system’ that guarantees you ‘take consistent actions’. This must be in place, then your targets most likely will be fully achieved.

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