What Business Are You Actually In? Do You Know!

Critical question.. “What Business Are You Actually In”?

Now this is a fine question. Read on, this is a post (shared access from TOA- details below). True realisation about the answer is pretty critical. Because if you don`t know where you`re at, what you`re really doing and where you`re really heading! … well give up. (and I wish I new this all that time ago !)

So you think your selling _______ (What Insert here)?

If you’re an Online Marketer in the make money niche first thing you need to realise is that you are actually selling; answer>>>>


No one really gives a crap about you, or your shiny gadget, gimmick, tool, pick, shovel, done for you do dad, pill, potion, lotion, car bonus or travel incentive scheme.

You’re in love with your product (there not).

They want to believe with certainty that you can be the TRUSTED ADVISOR to help them navigate the sea of OVERWHELM and COMPLEXITY that has 96% of new entrants stuck and or failing in the online marketing arena.

There is an evolutionary progression from NEW ENTRANT to EXPERT in the online marketing/sales arena and you can cut 3 to 5 years off this process IF you can align with someone who has sailed into these unchartered waters before you.

You are going to need these RESOURCES if you are serious about making it online:

  • a guide
  • a roadmap
  • a marketing system (lead capture & management)
  • products (that are in demand)
  • tools that help you automate (leverage your time)
  • some outsourcing (things your just not good at)
  • training products
  • an easy way to make money fast to build a marketing budget

You have to be prepared to INVEST these three things;

  • your time
  • your effort
  • your money ( you need a budget to start a BUSINESS )

If anyone tells you that you can start a LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS with NO money they are flat out lying to you and you should also STOP lying to yourself thinking it’s possible.

the Online Alliance can PLUG YOU into Life Changing resources for just $7 to help you create the thinking and the resourceful behaviour of an Entrepreneur which is a good starting point… however our VIP Academy for just $111 USD. is where the real magic starts.

IF you have a budget of just $500, I GUARANTEE you can be making money online (your first $40 within a week of starting our 6 Step Fundamentals training if you follow our instructions specifically).

We’ll then show you how to turn that into $40 / day into $400 / day and then $4,000 / week… IF you let us.

  • $7 for life changing education
  • $500 for a life changing business …. plus
  • Your Time & Effort

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