Why ‘The Online Alliance Members’ Are Looking Forward In 2017

So it`s March 2017 already. Just where did those first two months of the year go?  Did you set goals like I did? And are you achieving what you thought you would achieve? I want to share with you one aspect of my business plan – Why ‘The Online Alliance Members’ Are Looking Forward In 2017.

So let me share my successes and my failures first, and don`t be shy, share yours too. I set three goals. Each has allocated time each week and these times are flexible, but not-negotiable. (the day to day routines have times allocated as well).

#1 Goal: Lose weight and be healthier and fitter so I can enjoy life!!  I was 109kg in early January. March 1 here today in Australia – 100kg at weigh in this morning. YES!!  5 kg to go by the end of March. I`m pretty pumped -for sure!

#2 Goal: My business interests in 2016 were very unclear; woolly, lacked focus, lacked structure and… lost $$.  — Ive downsized. I dumped programs. I simplified. I set up new systems. I have a simple time management system and I`m sticking to it. All this has taken time! Do I feel satisfied with where I`m at? YES!  (in future posts, I`ll share more).

#3 Goal: Too private and personal to share here. I don`t know you well enough! 🙂

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So why do I make the claim as in the title of this article? Why ‘The Online Alliance Members’ Are Looking Forward In 2017.

I`ve been a member of TOA since the early days. In 2017, TOA has a new and very dynamic vibrancy about it. Drew Innes, the founder and friend, has surged TOA to a very dynamic place!

Newbies, professionals, lapsed business people… and anyone who wants – more time, more money, a more dynamic life…. wants more… without being forced into a program they`re not quite sure about because its  probably too hypey! …..

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Rob Ryan.


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