‘WP Rapid Start Plugin’ Is Best For All Users In 2021!

2021 needs a kickstart!  Easier work and access to tools that save time are top of my priority list! How about your needs?


Small Business Chronicles, announces the release of the WP Rapid Start Plugin, a simple yet comprehensive tool that allows individuals and business owners to easily set-up their digital presence in WordPress.

The tool is specifically designed for start-up groups and individuals who want to establish a marketable website without difficulty.

More details can be found at http://succeedingmarketers.com

The latest plugin has several features that simplify the set-up of a website, including the convenient creation of the “About Us”, “Contact Us”, and “Privacy Policy” pages. These tabs are essential for users to navigate a company’s profile and understand what the website is about.

Studies show that websites that contain these tabs are more effective in sales generation and conversion. Potential clients are more inclined to view a company’s service or product if its website is well-written and easy to navigate.

WP Rapid Start Plugin is designed to remove the technical difficulties new business owners may have in creating their website.


The plugin is for anyone who wants to develop a stronger online presence without the hassle.

Once downloaded and installed,

the plugin immediately activates all other essential plugins.


The seamless integration eases the drafting of new posts as well, with a helpful feature that recommends good keywords to optimize the post’s online visibility among various search engines.

  • The release of the plugin is in line with the current business atmosphere wherein small- to medium-sized businesses need to develop a stronger online presence while still being cost-effective.
  • Because of its variety of functions, WP Rapid Start Plugin is meant to limit the number of plugins users need to install on their website.
  • Not only does this simplify the creation process, but it lessens the bandwidth needed to run a website.

A super simple, yet deceptively easy, and fast to set up tool, for WP users.

‘WP Rapid Start Plugin’ is a great choice for all; whether you are new to creating websites, whether you are a some-time user of websites, or whether you`re a full-time professional who is time-poor – this is likely for you!

All the critical elements are built into the ‘WP Rapid Start’. All settings in one place! Just a very few clicks of a mouse and you`re done, you have all the needed basics!


  • Deletes The Demo Posts, Pages, and Comments.
  • Changes The Permalink Structure To %PostName%
  • Creates Your About, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy pages
  • Installs & Activates All The Essential Plugins
  • Creates Posts For All Your Desired Keywords
  • Adds Relevant YouTube Videos To All Posts


‘WP Rapid Start’ will make your life so straightforward, it`s perfect for anyone, whether it’s your first, second, third, or… WordPress site!

Yes, with just the click of a mouse, your site will be set-up, safe, secure, and ready to do the work you want!

More details can be found at http://succeedingmarketers.com




PS:  The plugin is very simple to use, is a one-stop-shop in setting up a WP site, saves you much time, low cost for you, option to use to assist all your clients!

NB:  Use the ‘WP Rapid Start plugin’ and your site will be set up, safe, secure, and ready to do the work you want!   

See ‘Wp Rapid Start plugin’ HERE.