Happiness Tips For Busy Small Business Owners

Stop Feeling Bad About Being Unhappy… its just about perspective. Here`s some happiness tips for busy small business owners.

Feeling glum, feeling down, feeling like crap, feeling anxious, depressed, guilty, shamed….

Life can be a bastard at times! And we just have to manage!

A previous Australian Prime Minister was once quoted, “Life wasn`t meant to be easy!”.   Who can trust a politician?  I say.

How we manage is the key. What have we got in our lives, the big stuff, the small stuff, the relationships, work, money …  Blah, blah, blah!!!

Worrying and stressing about being unhappy is probably not going to help rid you of the cause or the symptons!

Check out this ‘true story’ and see what you can get from it! And thanks to Tim Lott


I am going to come out of the closet, and make a shocking, even shameful, admission. I am not a happy person. In fact I am the sort of chap who complete strangers come up to in the street and advise to cheer up, since it might never happen.

I am not, I should emphasise, an unhappy person either. I love to laugh, and some of my novels have been admired as pretty good comedies. I think I am pretty much like most people, with moods that shift and transform. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes sad, most of the time I am pretty much neutral, with my mind elsewhere. Disappointment, fear and loss are as much a part of my life as achievement, hope and joy. It is all of a piece.

However this indeterminate state no longer seems to be socially acceptable. It is required of me, both implicitly and explicitly, that I remain in a state of continual near-explosion – passionate about this, excited about that, looking forward to something else. If not, I am antisocial, a grumpy old man. Worst of all I am a failure, because if I was a success, I would be happy. Neither am I a good person, since happiness has come to be seen as a moral end in itself.

This kind of happiness fascism is a relatively recent import from America. The British, not so long ago, were perfectly at ease with being hacked off. Moaning was once a pleasurable and acceptable pastime. No longer. Everything, as the (ironic) theme song of the Lego Movie insists, is Awesome.

Happiness, we are confidently assured, is the objective of life and it is something we “get” by working hard, shopping, playing and exercising, giving to charitable causes and taking part in the drama of late capitalism …….

Read more?  Thanks to this author.   READ ON… it`s worth it!

I was hooked at this point, so click here now … or stay bloody unhappy!